Registration from 08.40, talks 09.10 til 18.00, followed by a wine reception. There will be an optional symposium dinner at 19.00 in the nearby Salisbury Arms restaurant. 

There is space for a total of 150 attendees and you must register if you wish to attend.  


From DNA to RNA Synthesis, Processing and Cancer

Friday 8th November 2019

From 08.40  Registration and refreshments

09.10  Welcome

09.15  Session 1 - Chair: Peter Rigby (Institute of Cancer Research, London)

Steve Jackson (Gurdon Institute, Cambridge, UK)

“DNA repair: mechanistic insights and clinical applications”

David Lane (A*STAR Singapore)

"40 years of p53"

David Glover (University of Cambridge, UK)

“An obsession with centrosomes”

11.00  Break

11.40 Session 2 - Chair: Chris Smith (University of Cambridge)

Martin Reijns (IGMM, Edinburgh)           

"When RNA meets DNA... not always a good thing"

David Tollervey (WCCB, University of Edinburgh, UK)

“Degrading activities (with the Beggs lab)”

12.40  Lunch

14.00  Session 3 - Chair: Ian Eperon (University of Leicester)

Joan Steitz (HHMI, Yale School of Medicine, USA)

"The Enigma of Viral Noncoding RNAs."

Joanna Kufel (University of Warsaw, Poland)

"LSM proteins, a different tale."

Reinhard Luhrmann (MPI, Gottingen, Germany)

"Structural insights into the assembly and function of the human spliceosome"

15.20  Break

16.00  Session 4 - Chair: Nancy Standart (University of Cambridge)

Karla Neugebauer (Yale School of Medicine, USA)

“Nascent RNA and coordination between transcription and splicing in vivo”.

Isabella Maudlin (University of Oxford, UK)

"Links between splicing, transcription and chromatin in S. cerevisiae

Jean Beggs (WCCB, University of Edinburgh, UK)

“A love affair with yeast (and RNA)”

Emanuela Sani (WCCB, University of Edinburgh, UK)

“Shaping 40 years of RNA biology: a Scottish tale.

18.00  Reception